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Cleaning toilets and sewage pipes.
Toilet cleaners and liquid concentrates.
Smells pleasantly of orange pomegranate.

Shake concentrates well before use.

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DENAA+ DRAIN toilet cleaner has good cleaning and descaling properties. Does not contain chlorine or other environmentally harmful ingredients. Your toilet will be clean as usual, but without harming our environment. DENAA+ toilet cleaner smells of orange pomegranate, is vegan and was produced without animal testing.

DENAA+ DRAIN CONCENTRATE 50 is the optimal solution for keeping waste water systems clean and environmentally friendly. Vegan and made without animal testing. Smells of orange and pomegranate. Our autoactive microorganisms form a biofilm within the tube walls and decompose adhering organic deposits. For them, hair, skin flakes, fats, oils, soap residues, dirt particles and faeces are delicious, organic molecular structures that they simply metabolize. In this way, unpleasant smells disappear and sewage pipes remain clean. Please understand that microorganisms take time to work. Existing blockages should therefore be removed manually.

DENAA+ DRAIN toilet cleaner: Simply spray under the edge of the toilet bowl and let it work for at least 10 minutes. The cleaner is thixotropic and therefore runs slowly. After the exposure time, clean again with the toilet brush and rinse with water.

DENAA+ DRAIN CONCENTRATE 50: Shake well before use. Pour lukewarm water into the drain of the sink, sink, bathtub, shower or toilet facility. Pour 50 ml of DENAA+ DRAIN CONCENTRATE into each drain and rinse with a little lukewarm water. Then do not use the drain for a period of 8 to 12 hours. Perform the application once a week for a permanent result. Please remove existing blockages manually.

Water, autoactive microorganisms, non-ionic detergent substances, surfactants, orange-pomegranate aroma.

Not suitable for consuming. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in closed packaging in a dry place between 10°C to 30°C. Protect from frost. Do not use in combination with other products.

DENAA+ DRAIN is certified organic, completely biodegradable and harmless to humans, animals, water and the environment. The contained autoactive microorganisms are not pathogenic. DENAA+ DRAIN is packaged in materials that are already recycled or recyclable. Please return the empty packaging to the recycling cycle.

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